Monday, April 11, 2011

Twitter used for Email Harvesting!!!!

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Your favourite social networking site Twitter can now be used for
Email Harvesting making it a threat to your online security and
privacy . Well even I was shocked to learn this at the first place
when I learnt how simple it was !!!

Social Networking site Twitter has this great feature of searching
twitter for the latest twitter updates at
Just go to this twitter search page , enter your search keyword and
there you have the latest tweets on twitter regarding the keyword
you have searched .

Spammers use the same technique for Email Harvesting  .In your
twitter search box type in OR OR
the keyword mail me at and you can get the list of Email address
in your twitter search page .  People tweeting usually have this bad
habit of leaving their email address in their tweets while tweeting and
this eventually becomes a threat to their online privacy .Email Harvetsers
can write a simple program that runs every X seconds fetching them
new email address . So the next time you leave your Email address
online in Twitter or any of the Web directories ,get ready to be the
target of the spammers .


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