Monday, April 11, 2011

Google Groups targetted for Email Harvesting!!!

Email Harvesting??
Well to many who dont have much idea what email harvesting is ,
let me put it down in few words. E-mail harvesting is the process
of obtaining lists of email address using various methods for use in
bulk email or other purposes usually grouped as spam. 

Why is Email Harvesting done for ??

Email Harvesting is a great tool that can be used to market your 
product .You get a list of email address using Email Bots that 
crawl the web to get the email address from different websites
all over the web .

What are the tools available for Email Harvesting ?? 

  • Email Grabber 
  • GSA Email Spider
  • Email Extractor
Google Groups a Target of Email Harvesting??

 I recently found a great increase in spam in my inbox & 
liitle research on Google showed me Google groups was
one of the major targets of Email Harvesting Bots  .The major
reason for it being targetted was some of the google groups 
used to make their posters email address publicly visible ,
this would make it easy for the spammers extract the email
address.Still the question remained was how were the spam
mail being sent ending up in my Gmail Inbox rather than the
Gmail Spam section?? The spammers joined this group using 
their spam email address & hence they could easily bypass the
Gmail's Spam Filter which resulted in spam reaching your inbox.


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