Thursday, April 28, 2011

Google Map Mashup With Twitter : Live Twitter

We are introducing you a new mashup Google Maps Mashup With Twitter.Its a cool mashup in which you pickup a place on the map and we show you the latest 5 tweets within the radius 25km of the map .We have done this with the help of Twitter Search API . You can query the Twitter API to get the latest tweets , tweets within a location , latest tweets by a person etc . We have made use of this cool Twitter feature to develop this Twitter Mashup .

We are giving away this


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Google Maps Twitter Mashup

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on the top left. You can also connect us using Google Connect, Twitter or Facebook .

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Twitter Google Map Mashup Example

To get the Latest Tweet

Click on the Map


Input the Location

Latest Tweets Result


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Create Multiple Facebook Account using Single Gmail Account

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Gmail neglects period while creating email accounts .
The fact is that while creating your GMAIL account it
reserves for you all the combinations of the period or
dot for your account .

If you are creating an Google Mail Account with the
username as gmail will reserve all the
combinations of the period for your account .
That is no one else can register with the username
as or .

Create Multiple Facebook Account using Single Gmail

Using this property you can create multiple Facebook account
all linked to a single Gmail Account . Try all the different
combinations of period(dot) of your emailid to create multiple
facebook accounts .


Friday, April 22, 2011

Man Behind Google Map Marker .. the PIN you see on Maps ??

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Google Map Marker or the small PIN we see on 
Google Maps when we search for a place . The small
tiny red colored oval marker that fits so well in the 
Google Maps .

Who Invented Google Map Marker or Google Map Pin??

Ji Lee the ex Creative Head Of Google was the man behind
this creative oval shaped Google Marker . Google initially 
came up with many different pointers like circles, squares
small sphere , but all of these overlays didn't create the charm 
that the pin shaped 45 degree pointer created .

Who is Ji Lee ?

Born in Seoul, Korea, and raised in São Paulo, 
Brazil, Ji Lee studied design at Parsons School
of Design . Ji Lee is currently working as the
Creative Director For Facebook after his exit
from Google . Ji LEE is also the man behind the
famous Google Bubble Project which spreaded like a
virus in the New York City .

Other :
If you are using Android smartphones this may be of Great Use to you .

Turn Your Digital Content into Apps for Android within an Hour!


Google Latitude : Ruby on Rails Example using Oauth

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Spent a few days searching for  Google Latitude example
RUBY on RAILS and I am happy to say finally found a
good post on Google Latitude . I thought it would be great
to include this one in  my blog as it already contained a lot of
stuff on Google Latitude .

Register Domain with Google

1) Go to:
    Add a domain name if you have or
    Get cheap and good web hosting ($7.99 per year)
    Thats the cheapest price you can get on the web with
    a large no of of features .
    Hosting Includes 99.9% Uptime, RV Site Builder, 
    Fantastico Deluxe Scripts, Softaculous Auto Script  
    Installer, Ruby On Rails, Ruby Gems, Virus Scanner,
    WHM cPanel w/ZamFoo 7.1, CGI, Perl, PHP 5, cURL &
    GD, suPHP. 
    They are not that famous I guess but definitely a good one

 After registering your domain , the next step is to create 
 an pair of RSA keys , this one is needed for encryption
 of the data to be send during the OAuth Handshake .

In linux and OS X you can use openssl
openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:1024 
-sha1 -subj ‘/C=US/ST=CA/L=San 
Francisco/’ -keyout rsakey.pem -out 

Upload the rsacert.pem, and keep the rsakey.pem in a

safe place.  For the Target URL path prefix, Just add 
the domain name. 

Get the Oauth Consumer Key and Secret .

2) OAuth GEM

Include in your environment.rb

config.gem "oauth"
You need to install it to use in your system .
Recommended version 0.4.1 .

3) Generate OAuth Access Toke Model 

$ ruby script/generate model OAuthAccessToken
Note: I've done this because I don't want to store 
my access token directly in my User model.  This
gives me the option of having tokens for multiple 
scopes for a user through a polymorphic association.


create_table :oauth_access_tokens do |t|
      t.string  :oauth_token, :oauth_secret, :scope
      t.string  :subject_type, :limit > 30 #for polymorphic association
      t.integer :subject_id

4)User Model 

has_one  :latitude_access_token, 
:model_name => 'OAuthAccessToken',
:as => :subject, :conditions => ['scope = ?','latitude']

5)Setup OAUTH Consumer for Latitude

Create class lib/o_auth_consumers.rb

class OAuthConsumers  

  Latitude = CONSUMER_KEY, 
      :site => "",
      :request_token_path => "/accounts/OAuthGetRequestToken",
      :access_token_path => "/accounts/OAuthGetAccessToken",
      :authorize_path=> "/latitude/apps/OAuthAuthorizeToken",
      :signature_method => "RSA-SHA1",
      :private_key_file => "#{RAILS_ROOT}/config/rsakey.pem" 
       #path to my rsakey that I saved earlier


Remember to change the CONSUMER_KEY and 
CONSUMER_SECRET which you got from step1.

6)Generate Controller for APP

ruby script/generate controller latitude

require 'oauth'
require 'oauth/signature/rsa/sha1'
class LatitudeController < ApplicationController

def index
    #check the user has a latitude oauth access token
    if current_user.latitude_access_token
      token =,     current_user.latitude_access_token.oauth_secret)
      @request = JSON.parse(OAuthConsumers::Google.request('get', "", token).body)
      @lat = @request['data']['latitude']
      @lng = @request['data']['longitude']
      @time =['data']['timestampMs'].to_i)
       /1000).strftime('%b %d, %Y - %T')
      redirect_to :action => 'authorise'

 def authorise
 if !params[:oauth_token]

request_token = OAuthConsumers::Latitude.get_request_token(
{ :oauth_callback => "http://localhost:3000/latitude/authorise" },
{ :scope => "" }

session[:oauth_secret] = request_token.secret
      redirect_to request_token.authorize_url + 
      request_token =
        access_token = 
         :oauth_verifier => params[:oauth_verifier] )
        redirect_to :action => 'index'

if access_token
        #now save the access token for this user 
        OauthAccessToken.create :subject => current_user,
                                :scope => 'latitude',
                                :oauth_token => access_token.token,
                                :oauth_secret => access_token.secret

   redirect_to latitude_path

7) Get the Latitude To Work 

That's pretty much it.  Go to http://localhost:3000/latitude,
you will be directed to Google to authorise your account, 
then once that all goes through, you will be sent back to 
your app, an Access Token will be created which will be 
stored for your user.  I'm not exactly sure how long this 
lasts at the moment, but I'm testing that right now and 
will update if I find anything important.

Thanks to Ben Petro for creating the code on Ruby On Rails 
 platform .


Friday, April 15, 2011

Geocode Zip Code on Google Maps

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 Enter 5 numbered US Postal Code 
                       Or Enter a address to geocode .
If you are using Google Chrome 11 or smartphone 
then you can use the microphone to speak out the Address.
It uses Google's Speech Recognition Tool .


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gmail says "You sending mail to the wrong guy!!"

Starting today you would never miss out someone special when you
send mails . Gmail adds two new features into Gmail  "Don't Forget Bob"
and "Got the Wrong Bob" ,don't go by the names this are the two super
cool features integrated into gmail .

"Don't Forget Bob "

Many times while sending group email invitations we miss out important
persons unknowingly and have faced embrassing situations due to this .
For instance my friend Prashant forgot to include his dear friend Satish
in his email birthday invitation .To avoid such situations gmail introduced
this feature which prompts you to include "Satish" in your mailing list .
Gmail provides this suggestions based on past mailing habits .

"Got the wrong Bob"

This prevents you from sending mail to the wrong person .Suppose you are
sending mail to a group of friends regarding the weekend trip you are going
to make . By mistake you include Bob(your boss) instead of Bobby(your friend)
Gmail provides you suggestions Did you mean Bobby ? which helps you
rectify it and prevent you from the dilemma .


Page Speed : Performance Analyzer from Google Labs

Page Speed another product from Google Labs , but this
time not of much use to the public , but a product
developed keeping the web developers in mind .

There exists two versions of this product
1) Page Speed Offline which you install into your
Chrome or Firefox Browser .
2) Page Speed Online which gives you the performance
report online .

We took the test and the site
got an rating of 86 out of 100 on desktop analysis & from mobile
point of view scored 80 out of 100 .

Page Speed did give us suggestions on how to improve the performance
and they were really informative .The suggestions were classified
  • High Priority
  • Medium Priority
  • Low Priority
Luckily we had hardly any High Priority Performance degrading factors
& we are working on Page Speed Suggestions .

With the massive shift in the internet users towards mobile , optimizing 
your website for mobile has become more crucial than doing for the
desktop pc. Page Speed provides you suggestions on how to improve
your site performance for mobile devices .

Check out the Page Speed Home Page 


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